New to Playmetrics?

  • Click the link HERE to access the VSA Rush portal
  • Once there, you will create your account
  • Once account is created, you will add in your players

Already have a Playmetrics account?

If you already have a PlayMetrics account from another organization your player(s) participates in you will need to register your player(s) with VSA Rush under your already existing PlayMetrics account. To register your player(s) for VSA Rush, please follow the directions below:

  • Sign into your PlayMetrics account.
  • Follow the VSA Rush registration link.
  • You will see a screen that will say “You are currently logged in as…”. Click “Continue”.
  • This will grant your PlayMetrics account access to VSA Rush.
  • Add your Player(s) and click “Finish”.

Benefits to You-

PlayMetrics allows you to register and communicate with your teams all in one place whether at home or on the go. It helps us communicate with all of our families more clearly and effectively, including updates to practice schedules and field closures as they happen. The PlayMetrics platform ensures that you are always in sync with your team and never out of the loop.

As you begin using PlayMetrics, you may have questions about how to navigate your account. The Help articles below offer instructions as you start using the system.

Adding the PlayMetrics app to your mobile device

Registering with PlayMetrics

How do I register for a program?

Adding Additional Contacts to your account

How do I sync my Team Calendar with my personal Calendar?

How to Update Your Player’s Profile Information

Setting Your Communication Preferences